A little about the designer

I started collecting semi-precious stones in dried up river beds in Swaziland in the late 60's with some friends. As a child I was in awe of the ugly rough stones which when tumbled for 6 weeks would emerge, as if out of a chrysalis, into beautiful rounded pebbles in a myriad of varnished colour; from purple amethysts, to rose quartz, to blue lace agates, brown tigers eye and blood red carnelians. I was hooked and over my life in various parts of the world I have collected old glass beads from the ancient trade routes, semi-precious stones and pearls from Asia, handmade glass beads from current makers and silver from the talented silversmiths of Thailand, India and Bali.

I mix my finds to make one off pieces of jewellery - hence the name Beads of the World. Further, over the years I have worked with friends to make jewellery to sell as fund raisers too. There is nothing more fun and more relaxing than sitting down with a group to string beads for a cause. Here on this site you will find a small selection of my jewellery. Do contact me directly for any custom pieces should you require them or check my website at www.beadsoftheworld.co.uk

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